Use Cases

One Platform

Multiple Applications

GoFabric is able to help your enterprise become more secure, more reliable and more efficient

Share data between organizations with GoShare

Easily deploy a distributed data sharing network, no matter what data structures your company and partners need by defining data assets properties and organizations to interact. Once the network is running, manage it within the platform’s dashboard

GoShare comes with every GoFabric subscription!

Define Any Structure

Control information properties and structure, whether they are text, numbers, dates or even custom assets to build the data asset that suits your company’s needs

Choose Who Has Access to Each Data

Be in charge of which companies are able to access your valuable data assets as well as if a specific information can be modified by a particular organization

Integrate With Legacy Systems

Your organization decides on how to interact with the blockchain. An API is provided to integrate the distributed data into your current system

Share New Data Instantly

Always have the latest information at your disposal. In a blockchain network, data is updated instantly, for everyone. No more data conflicts

Have Control Over Production Stages

Have the knowledge of every step of your products. Send and accept orders from suppliers and fulfill customer’s requests

Let Customers See The Origin of Your Product

Make your business accountable. Earn your customer’s trust by showing them the the origin of each part of your product and they’ll surely come back for more

Track product lots easily

Have the power to verify whenever needed if a product batch has reached a specific location or analyze the records of a specific lot

Efficiently track supply chains with GoTrace

Coming Soon…

Have absolute control over your products’ origin and destinations, from farms to markets or from mines to factories. Track all the information your company might need such as lot numbers, product type, quantity, locations, dates

Accountable GDPR Compliance with GoPrivacy

Coming Soon…

Responsibility over user’s data in the Internet Age is essential. GoPrivacy creates a Consent Portal so that your users can make sure that their word is written in stone. A record of permissions for every user data will become available for you, your customers and auditable by government regulators.

Auditable In Every Point In Time

The Consent Portal allows you to check the history of permissions given by your customers, guaranteed by the fail-proof nature of the blockchain

Integrate permissions with databases

The immutability of a blockchain ledger will guarantee that government regulators will be able to audit every change in consent made by a customer

Track Users Permissions

Have the power to verify whenever needed if a product batch has reached a specific location or analyze the records of a specific lot

Registry score

Assemble the best registry possible by taking the best fields from different parties, avoiding duplicates.

Power up with biometrics

Verify biometrics and avoid fraud when searching for registries. GoBio supports registration of minutiae files and uses comparison to retrieve correct information.

Decentralized search

Avoid node failure with decentralized search, decreasing massively downtime in your systems.

GoBio is an unique identification solution for the digital age

Coming Soon…

GoBio’s main goal is to make accessible the creation and management of a unique digital identification. Integrate databases between differente parties and make sure they always have the latest and most accurate information.