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Imagine you want to share data

Multiple e-mails are sent

Multiple documents are generally sent via e-mail, which is not a secure channel to share sensitive information and does not allow companies to choose which participants are able to access data

Data is shared in spreadsheets

Collaboration usually means using spreadsheets. However, organizations do not share the same standard and it becomes increasingly time-consuming to adapt for each corporation’s criterion

Integration seems impossible

Manually adapting each spreadsheet received and sent via e-mail to the company’s internal systems really does seem like an impossible task

Interested in solving this problem?

Meet GoFabric

Integrate information among companies in the most reliable way

Ready to work

It is necessary only to specify the properties of the information to be shared and the organizations involved. After that, a data sharing network is created powered by a permissioned blockchain

Information is synchronized

GoFabric is built with the purpose of collaboration, so whenever data is modified, all participants of the network have an up to date version to integrate in their internal systems

Powerful management tool

Each organization has their own web interface ready to use with full management capabilities and access to history, along with an API for integration

Why not give it a try?

See how GoFabric helps you scale your company