Create your Chaincode​


Speed up your development with Chaincode Tools

Are you a developer looking to create Fabric-compatible smart contracts? Does your company need a fully personalized chaincode for its needs?

Developing a chaincode from scratch can be really time consuming and require developers to have a good familiarity with Hyperledger Fabric’s concepts. GoLedger provides a full library and template that can accelerate development
time in dramatic ways: it’s called Chaincode Tools.

Meet Chaincode Tools

Chaincode Tools consists of two parts that work together: cc-tools and template-cc

Written in Go, cc-tools , together with a starting template, template-cc , provides a
chaincode flexible architecture that allows your chaincode to scale quickly without

This is what cc-tools and template-cc cover together:

  • Custom Asset Definitions

  • Custom Transactions Definitions

  • Custom Data Types definitions

  • Built-in CRUD for all Assets

  • Built-in History for all Assets

  • Full Get Schema to check Asset structure

How do I use Chaincode Tools?

Chaincode Tools is really easy to use, it only requires that you start your chaincode from GoLedger’s template-cc , available as a template repository in GitHub. Our template imports cc-tools as one of the dependencies and you can start to get your hands dirty.

1. Clone template-cc
2. Define assets in /assettypes
3. Define data types in /datatypes
4. Define transactions in /txdefs