Develop Your Own Blockchain


Speed up your Blockchain development with Chaincode Tools

Are you a developer looking to create a Hyperledger Fabric  smart contract? Does your company/startup need a fully personalized chaincode for its needs?

Developing a chaincode from scratch can be really time consuming and require developers to have a good familiarity with Hyperledger Fabric’s concepts. We provide a full library, rest-server and other artifacts that can accelerate your development time in dramatic ways: it’s called GoLedger Chaincode Tools.

Meet Chaincode Tools

GoLedger Chaincode Tools has several artifacts to help the development of Hyperledger Fabric smart contracts  (chaincodes)

  • cc-tools: GoLang Library
  • cc-tools-demo: Chaincode repository example
  • rest-server: Rest standard web service with embedded Hyperledger Fabric client
  • cc-web: Web application for connecting to Hyperledger Fabric clients and using rest-server endpoint

GoLedger Chaincode Tools increases the productivity in the development of Blockchains Hyperledger Fabric with a flexible architecture that allows the programming journey from the development environment to production system be much simpler and faster.

Some of the features that make cc-tools so powerful:

  • Custom Asset Definitions

  • Custom Transactions Definitions

  • Custom Data Types definitions

  • Built-in CRUD for all Assets

  • Built-in History for all Assets

  • Full Get Schema to check Asset structure

How do I use Chaincode Tools?

GoLedger Chaincode Tools is really easy to use, only requires that you start your chaincode from GoLedger’s GitHub repository cc-tools-demo , available as a template repository in GitHub.

Our template imports cc-tools library as one of the dependencies and you can start the creation of your Blockchain.

1. Clone cc-tools-demo
2. Define assets in /assettypes
3. Define data types in /datatypes
4. Define transactions in /txdefs